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Theory of gravitation based on the medium of propagation of light which defines the Preferred Frame of Reference

theory of gravitation based on the medium of propagation of light



Beyond matter


Theory of creatons, vortex and quantified waves


The theory of creatons, vortices and quantified waves endeavours to show that gravitation can be fondamentally explained by subtil interactions between entities "beyond the matter" : the creatons - at the source of all creation - and the vortices - whirlpools of creatons whose dimensions are much smaller than those of nucleons - considered as the base bricks of the matter.

The space-time of the general relativity matches with the field of creatons, which is also the medium of propagation of light and electromagnetic waves.


If a few modellings, proposals - model of the atom, nature of the charge, origin and regeneration of the creatons - remained hypothetical, the present theory is nevertheless an undeniable contribution to the great theories of the XX century namely Einstein's relativity and quantum mechanics. It is a new track in numerous domains of physics, which will fascinate researchers and enthusiasts.

The main goals of my theory are :

- to propose a real physical explanation for the gravitation by the field of creatons. The field of creatons is similar to the Space-Time of Einstein's relativity and is distorted in the same manner in presence of matter and energy

- to introduce a Preferred Frame of Reference or rather a REFERENCE which is deduced from the field of creatons

- to restore to favour the existence of the medium of propagation of light, called OMNIUM, which is the field of creatons

- to restore to favour Lorentz-Poincaré's version versus Einstein's version exposed in the special relativity

- to show that the simultaneity of two events is an ABSOLUTE notion and not a relative one. 

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